Race: Belgian Shepherd dog / Malinois

Date of birth: 07- 04 -2017

Height and weight:  66 cm / 35 kilo

FCI pedigree number: LOSH 1250148

Workingcertificate: Complete KNPV PH 1 trained malinois on high level

Stunning selfsure male, dominant character. Very intelligent, superb workingdrives.
Very hard full bite, great tracker and searcher. A male with all the working qualities you are looking for

Showresult: -

Health results : HD-A, ED free, Spondylose free, SDCA 1 free, SDCA 2 free

Trainer and owner : Pascalle Ruperti / Belgium 

Frozen semen available

KNPV PH1 stick attack Q ' STEEL (part 1)

KNPV PH1 stick attack Q ' STEEL (part 2)

KNPV PH 1 Object guard Q'STEEL

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