Race: Belgian Shepherd dog / Malinois

Date of birth: 02-10-2015

Height and weight:  63 cm / 34 kilo

FCI pedigree number:  MET MALI 131/16

Workingcertificate: Complete KNPV PH 1 trained malinois on high level

Breeding and Charactertest from HMC Hungary

Showresult: Very Good

Healthresults: HD A norbergvalue 40 (Netherlands) ,  ED 0/0,   no extra vertebra in the spine 

SDCA 1 +2 free, Locus D/D, Degenerative Myelopathy N/N

DNA tested ISAG

Trainer and owner : Kody Knowlton in USA

PATROL shows full push grips on Ringsport suit

PATROL civil biting in a building

PATROL Stick attack KNPV PH 1

PATROL KNPV PH 1 attack on shooting decoy

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