Race: Belgian Shepherd dog / Malinois

Date of birth: 08-02-2017

Height and weight:  63 cm / 34 kilo

FCI pedigree number:  HR 12413MN  /  SLRMN 000757

Show score: Excellent

Workingcertificate:  BH, IGP 2, in training for IGP 3

Healthresults: HD A,  ED 0/0,  spine without comment 

DNA tested

FCI breeding test from Slovenia

Trainer / owner : Sanja Domjanič, Slovenia   -  Email :

MAILO is a  very temperamentfull dominant male with good nerves. Can handle pressure from the doghandler and the decoy. Superb working drives in all parts . Is a easy and good jumper. Hard full grips, very speedy income ! 

Mailo training protection IGP long distance

MAILO barking in the blind etc

MAILO training obedience

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