Race: Belgian Shepherd dog / Malinois

Date of birth: 17-07-2016

Height and weight:  64 cm / 32 kilo

FCI pedigree number:  LOSH 1180686

Show score: Very Good

Breeding and Charactertest from HMC Hungary

Workingcertificate:  KNPV PH 1 + lof  429 out of 435 points

Healthresults: HD A,  ED 0/0,  spine without comment, no extra vertebra 

DNA tested

Owner:  Jason Ingram, Norther Ireland

MATINGS from Pablo : 

21-11-2020 Piranha van het Groot Wezenland (Hungary), Kennel van het Groot Wezenland

28-11-2020 Papaja van het Groot Wezenland (Czech Republic) Kennel Extra Temperament

16-03-2021 Warm-Hearted Aura (Hungary) Kennel Red Predator

03-06-2021 Rea Dogsstan (Croatia) Kennel Od Moslavine

23-08-2021 Kosa Nostra Forward Ukraine IPO 3, (Ukraine) Kennel Drive fire

25-08-2021 Noortje KNPV PH 1 + Lof (Hungary) Kennel van het Groot Wezenland

26-10-2021 Repeat mating Warm-Hearted Aura (Hungary) Kennel Red Predator

PABLO front attack on the decoy who is hidding with a stick

PABLO attack on shooting decoy with 9 mm revolver

PABLO attack on the submitting decoy

PABLO training on Civil decoy

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